Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Querying like a Madwoman!

Not a lot of time to blog today…I’m finally kicking my story out of the door, turning it loose into the big bad world of publishing. Today, I started querying my “A” list, those agents that I might seriously consider selling the boy to if they would agree rep me. Okay, not really. I love the boy. (I might sell the husband, though…Just kidding honey!)

This is quite the interesting process. I, being the left brain thinker, have my spread sheet of course, in which I’ve broken up agents into A,B and C lists, dutifully copied all of my research into, and made columns for query dates and responses. I’ve listed beside each one why I think they would be an incredible agent for me, as well as clients of theirs whose careers I would like to emulate.

But how time consuming this process is, as well! Personally individualizing each query letter, checking and double checking submission guidelines and adjusting the length of story, synopsis, query, etc., to fit each person. Some want 10 pages, some want 5, some want 50, some want three chapters. Some want a 1 page synopsis,a 2 page synopsis, a 10 page synopsis. Yikes! I’ve told and retold this story at least a dozen times just today.

I even had to run out to the store to purchase self-seal #10 envelopes for SASE’s because an agent preferred not to have to lick them (which I totally get. They taste awful).

So my big plan is to send off the snail-mail queries/packets this week, e-mails next week. Then I’ll tackle the B list.

Boy, I hope I find an agent soon, so I can get back to writing!

How do you approach your agent/editor query process?


  1. Congrats on getting your stuff out there. It certainly takes a lot of time to adequately find an agency that works best for you and then follow their guidelines. But it makes your submission stronger when you do that.
    Best of luck!! Nance

  2. I'll most likely do the same thing you're doing, when I get the book done. Until then, I don't even want to think about it, though of course I do.

    Good luck with your list. I hope you get many offers for representation.

  3. You'll find one. You're too good not to! Mail them out, and don't think about it. Enjoy your success!

  4. Good luck querying. It's hard to do, but necessary. And congrats on all your success!