Monday, June 7, 2010

A Case of the Mondays...

A Case of the Mondays…

I’m writing my blog post on Monday this week because I was featured in my local newspaper, the Kansas City Star, in their FYI section in a little piece they call “A Case of the Mondays.”

Each week, they choose a local person to showcase. They do a short interview, then create random questions, which you answer in a one-liner sort of format, with the final question relating to Mondays.

I am very honored to have been chosen as June 7th’s case. (I tried to tell them I wasn’t that cool, but they decided to run it anyway).

So, if you live in the KC area, it’s on the cover of today’s FYI section. If you don’t, I’m posting a link to the online version which has the text and a picture, but is missing the cute pink fluffy mule slippers and Hydrogen clip-art.

I thought it would be fun to also give you my unofficial answers to be compared to what actually made it into the story, so those are below the link.
Have a great week!

A Case of the Mondays - Heather Snow (this link will take you to the actual article. My unvarnished answers are below)

Last movie I wanted to bail on but didn’t: “The Cell”. If I hadn’t been trapped in the middle of the very top row, I’d have been out of there.

My favorite element from the periodic table:
I’m going to have to go with hydrogen. It’s the most abundant and simplest of elements, it has the potential to power the world cleanly and most importantly—when it oxidizes, it becomes water. I am a total waterbaby!

My biggest fear if I win a 2010 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award: My right brain says it fears that everyone will expect me to wear those fluffy pink mules with the kitten heels when I write. I’ve got a two-year-old to chase. This mama has got to wear sensible shoes!
My left brain says it fears I would win the Golden Heart but never get published.

When my right brain and left brain do battle, which one wins?
Left, every time. Which can be creatively challenging, but I love a challenge.

Latte or coffee, black?
I’m a tea with milk and sugar (and scones with clotted cream) kind of girl.

Best name ever for a historical romance character:
Geoffrey Alisdair Wentworth, Earl of Stratford, of course, the hero from my novel “Sweet Enemy”. But if I can’t choose one of my own characters, people seem to love dark names like “Devlin” or “Lucien” or “Deverill”. I prefer Ambrose, but really, anything sounds good with a title attached to it.

“Gone with the Wind” or “The Notebook”? Will I lose my romance writer tiara if I say neither? Give me Cary Grant and Irene Dunne in “The Awful Truth” any day, even if it wasn’t adapted from a book.

I knew I was officially a mom when… I started to really view other humans as the precious gifts that we are. My son taught me that.

Plot device I pledge never to employ:
Heroine wakes up only to realize that it was all just a dream while declaring the butler did it which, of course, he did.

Mondays don’t scare me because…
I’ve got one of the toughest critique groups in town and they meet on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are terrifying!


  1. How awesome is this! You rock, Heather :) Oh, and I have never been more freaked out in my life than being trapped in a theater watched the cell. It was just wrong. So wrong.
    Love the interview :)

  2. I did manage to bail on the Cell--thank goodness for end seats!

    Press coverage? You are indeed awesome!!

  3. Heather, that is SOOOO wonderful. I loved your interview. I'm so proud of you...and proud of me because, wow, I know such an awesome person. Congrats. You have deintiely hit a good groove.

  4. What a fun interview! Congratulations!

  5. Tea with milk and sugar? A no-thank-you on GWTW and The Notebook? No wonder I like you so much, Heather! :)

    And congrats on being a Monday star--that's so amazing! Can't wait until they do a cover story on your and your first NYT appearance.

  6. Wow- what big fun! And you are really cool and special- silly.
    Thanks for sharing with all of us out-of-towners.

    Loved it!

  7. Hey Heather! Congrats on the feature article!

    I was thinking of you and wanted to pop in and say hello. I hope you're well. :)

    - Corra

    the victorian heroine

  8. Interesting and fun interview! Congrats on being featured. When will you find out if you win the Golden Heart Award?

  9. Erin, I hear ya...WAY wrong.

    Sarah, you lucky duck! If I didn't like the view from the center so much...

    Linda and Laura, thanks so much!

    Pamela, don't forget the scones and clotted cream! ;)

    Nancy, thanks for stopping by! It was great to see you last month.

  10. Corra! I'm so glad you did stop by. I've been thinking of you a lot lately and now I see you have a new blog. I'll definitely be by to see you.

  11. Jenny, Thanks so much! The Golden Heart awards are the last night of the RWA National Conference in Orlando. It will be July 31st. I don't expect to win, but I bought a ball gown anyway and I'll be there cheering on my other GH sisters (and brother).

  12. Hey! Any excuse to get dressed and wear a ball gown is good in my opinion. And you never know....someone has to win. Although I would be thinking the same as you ;) Fingers crossed and good thoughts your way.