Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Off to Chicago for some Fire and Ice...

Busy week this week in the Snow household, with each of us coming and going different directions. My husband just returned from an extended business trip, my son has been away visiting first my parents and then my hubby’s while I finish up rewrites (thank you, awesome family!) and now I am leaving to go to Chicago for four days just when his grandparents will be bringing him home. I’ll miss seeing my son by hours…

But life is exciting, too. I popped in during Lent to tell you all of the Golden Heart® final, but another fabulous thing happened while I was away. Sweet Enemy is also a finalist in Chicago North’s “Fire and Ice” contest . So I and a good friend, historical author Keri Smith, will be going to their Spring Fling Conference and awards dinner this weekend, where Julia Quinn and Cherry Adair are headlining and where I will also be pitching the manuscript to an editor I’d really love to write for. All that, and I get to meet four other Golden Heart finalists who will be in attendance, catch up with my friend and fellow author, Nancy J. Parra, as well as meet many other incredibly awesome and talented writers. If you’re interested, details can be found here.

Chicago Spring Fling

Maybe I’ll have super news to share next Tuesday…and if not, at least I’ll be holding my boy in my arms again by then.

Have an awesome week!


  1. Have some fun in Chicago!!! Eat a couple hot dogs, they are great!

    And I really do HOPE you have some news to share next Tuesday. It's your time and well desearved!

  2. Hi- *waves* can't wait to see you!!

    Can't make Friday. :( But I'll be there Saturday. Look for me. I can't wait to congratulate you!!
    Hopefully we'll have loads to celebrate. cheers~

  3. Hope you have time to visit a museum or two. They're great.

    I'm looking forward to hearing the good news next Tuesday. Smile.