Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Fantasy Santa List of 2009

Writing has been very difficult these past few weeks. I’m not sure why. I’m guessing it’s because I’m at the point in my WIP where my hero and heroine are starting to see each other as more than adversaries, and things should be getting all gooshie... Intimidating stuff to write for the analytical chemist in me!

As every writer knows, the best one can do in this situation is to PUT YOUR BUTT IN THE CHAIR and keep writing.

So I tried. I sat and stared at the screen. Whatever I did, I wasn’t going to get up from the chair. I trudged and I sludged through and came up with something like 5 usable words. But that was okay, because I was NOT getting up from the chair.

Hmmm. Still in the chair. Nothing coming out. Some writers, when they hit this point, distract themselves with computer games. Friends I know play Solitaire, or FreeCell or Farmville or Mafia Wars.

Me, I looked around my office and thought, “You know what? I need some inspiration in this room. I need a new desk. If I were writing on a period desk (or at least a reproduction, which would be easier on the pocketbook), I would be so much more inspired.” So I Googled “French Writing Desks” and boy, did I find some. Which started this exploration into time wasting that has now become my “Fantasy Santa List.”

So, Santa Baby (purred in my most gravelly Eartha Kitt tone)...I hope you’re listening.

For a mere $75,000, I can have this lovely Napoleon III Tortoise Shell writing desk.

Can’t you just see the words beginning to flow as I sit before it? A bit much? Okay, I’ll settle for something much more reasonable. For less than $5000, I can have this.

Although, as my husband so practically pointed out, why would I spend so much on a desk that I couldn’t even sit a drink on without fear of ruining it? Hmmm. True. Maybe I’ll just keep my $99 thrift store desk I’m currently writing on. Think I could gilt it???

Next on my list, of course, is a country home in the UK. I mean, that would be VERY inspiring to a historical author, right? I could sit in my office looking out of the expanse of my wooded park and just breathe in the inspiration!

So, Santa, I’ll take this:

It’s only GBP £4,250,000 for this Classical Country house built by Sir William Bruce in 1685. And when I need some inspiration, check out this view from the back.


Not in the budget? Fine, I guess I’ll take this one instead. It’s only GBP £1,600,000 for Balmory Hall, an Early Victorian mansion house with spectacular views over Ascog Bay. And look, there’s a lovely desk already in it, just waiting for me!


Still a bit much? Fine...it is a recession, Santa. I understand. I’ll be just as happy with this one at £950,000, just outside of Glasgow. Yes, it’s a little “newer”, built in 1914, which is outside of the period that I write, but I’m quite certain I would still be inspired greatly!

And finally, I’ll take this custom car built by N2A (no two alike). It’s called a 789.


It sits on a Corvette C6 chasse with its front styled like a ‘57 Chevy, sides like a ‘58, rear like a ’59, hence its designation “789”. The base price for this custom car starts around $140,000. And yes, I know. No one in Georgian, Regency or Victorian England had a car like this, or any car at all for that matter. I don’t want it because it will inspire my writing. I want it because it’s COOL!

Well, there ends “Heather’s Fantasy Santa List of 2009”. Now, I’d better get back to reality. And writing! Husband says that when I sell my first book, we’ll talk about a nice “reproduction” French writing desk—one that I can sit a drink on as long as I use a coaster. And that sounds lovely.

Of course, as nice as all of those other things would be, I wouldn’t trade them for the things that I have: my wonderful husband and son, and the love of our families and friends.

What’s on your “Fantasy Santa List” and what do you have that you wouldn’t trade away for everything on it?


  1. Okay, I thought for sure you'd have a list of fantasy santas. You know, the cowboy in chaps and a red santa hat, the fireman santa with a bag of toys, red suspenders and no shirt...But a desk is nice.


  2. Very creative...see what "butt in chair and write" can inspire! Love the
    Victorian stuff!

  3. Come on get to work! You can write anywhere. But get those pages done, so you could be working on a lovely French reproduction desk this time next year.

  4. LOL Gretchen...well, you know what they say. Sex sells! Had to get them through the door somehow :)

    Hi April! Good to see you...I'm hoping now all of this is out of my system and that the words will come back :)

    Katy, yep we can write anywhere...but you have to admit, looking out over the sea from that first house would be lovely, wouldn't it? Maybe if you ask Santa for it, too, we can go halvsies :) Thanks for dropping by. I'm getting right back to work on my lovely 70's faux wicker entertainment center turned laptop desk!!!

  5. You dreamer. Inspiration doesn't make you write, it's blood, sweat and tears. lol

  6. I'll take the "newer" place outside Glasgow, thank you! It's so charming. But alas, until then, I'll settle for a healthy baby and healthy sales on my book!!

    Something I have done to help me get the writing juices flowing is just start answering questions--who, what, when, where--and answering them them the five senses--what is there to see, touch, smell, hear, taste...

    Whether I use that part or not, it mostly always helps me get to where I need to be in the story. But of course, different methods work for different writers.

  7. Sandy--that's true, isn't it? Too many times lately I've caught myself saying "writing is supposed to be fun, right?". It really is work, day in day out. But it's still a great job!

    Linda--great advice. I'll give that a try. I need to do something to get me off center. So excited about the baby and all your great writing news of late. Thanks for coming by!

  8. Great wish list. If only..... :O)

  9. Now here is the truth of it. I was over here wishing and being good all year hoping to get a month in Saint-Barth but now I think I might have under achieved in the wishing department. So if you don't mind I think I'll give it a crack over at my blog if not this year maybe the next. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Warmest regards,